Scooter Insurance FAQ

Have questions about scooter insurance? We have answers!

This can vary by state or city, but you can be held liable for injuries or damages resulting from an accident. To help protect yourself and your assets, it is a good idea to insure your scooter.
Foremost® writes policies for scooters in our motorcycle program, with all the same coverages and limits available.
Yes, the Foremost Motorcycle program provides insurance coverages for both scooters and mopeds.
If you purchase comprehensive coverage, you will have coverage if your scooter is stolen.

Scooter Insurance Coverages

Foremost® insures scooters under its motorcycle policies.

Annual Policies

No calls, no hassle. With our annual policy, your scooter is insured even in the "off-season".

Liability Coverage

This coverage is meant for accidents involving your scooter for which you are legally liable.

Collision Coverage

This provides coverage for your scooter in the event of damage caused by a collision with other vehicles, trees or utility poles, regardless of who is at fault.

Medical Payments Coverage

This coverage helps pay for the necessary medical costs you incur because of a scooter accident.

Increased Limits

You can choose the limits that you want for your liability coverage.

Other than Collision Coverage

When purchased, provides coverage for damage to your scooter that doesn’t come from a collision – such as fire, theft, flood or vandalism.

Perfect for the price-conscious shopper who wants basic coverage at an affordable cost.

Includes $500 Helmet and Safety Apparel coverage, First Accident Forgiveness, available Optional Equipment (ACV) and optional Towing and Roadside Assistance.

Designed for the customer trying to balance both coverage and price.

First Accident Forgiveness, Total Loss Settlement (two yrs.), $3,500 Optional Equipment, $1,500 Helmet and Safety Apparel, Towing and Roadside Assistance, Trip Interruption and Track Day coverage are just a few of the items that make the Plus Package a popular choice.

For those who want the most coverage to protect their lifestyle.

We've taken the Plus Package and added Diminishing Deductible, Deductible Waiver, Enhanced Rental, Permissive Use Rental, Total Loss Settlement (five yrs.), $5,000 Optional Equipment at Replacement Cost, $2,000 Personal Effects at Replacement Cost, $2,500 Helmet and Safety Apparel and more!

Created for customers with motorcycles age 25 and older that have been maintained or restored to original condition.

Intended for those with limited production, one-of-a-kind motorcycles or bikes with more than $30,000 in optional equipment.

Designed for customers who have Low-Speed and Neighborhood Electric Vehicles.

For those who want only Liability coverage. Includes First Accident Forgiveness and available Towing and Roadside Assistance.

Scooter Insurance Discounts

Here are just a few of the ways your can save money by choosing Foremost:


If you insure another vehicle with Foremost (in addition to your scooter or moped), both vehicles will receive a discount.

Locked Storage

Can be applied to Other Than Collision coverage if your scooter is kept in a fully enclosed, locked garage or structure when it is not being used.

Paid in Full

This discount can apply to new business when the premium is paid in full at the time the scooter insurance policy is issued.

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