Luxury Motor Coach Insurance FAQ

Have questions about luxury motor coach insurance? We have answers!

Policies for luxury motor coaches are written in our motor home program, along with several other types of motor homes, where we have various coverage options available.
Luxury motor coaches are considered motor homes, but many come from custom conversion companies that can add luxurious amenities and features. Some people refer to them as Class A motor homes, or tour buses. While motor homes and luxury motor coaches both serve the same purpose, which is to allow the owner to travel in their own personal living space, luxury coaches transport passengers in a deluxe and elevated style with high-end, executive comforts and designs not seen in your average motor home.
Like our other RV products, we use various factors to determine the cost of insuring your luxury motor coach. These factors include driver age, driving record, previous ownership and operating experience, age of unit, length, and unit value, among others.
Minimum liability insurance requirements would apply in the same way as for a personal auto. A luxury motor coach is not only a large investment, but also a large part of your life. With coverage for physical damage and theft, you’re helping to protect your investment in what’s likely one of your prized possessions.

Luxury Motor Coach Coverages

Luxury motor coaches can be covered under Foremost motor home policies.

Our program offers a personal way to help you get the insurance you want. An agent can talk with you about coverage options and prices that reflect:

  • What kind of luxury motor coach you drive
  • How you use it
  • How and where you store it
  • Your previous ownership and operating experience
  • Your driving record
  • Previous claim history (if any)
  • Who did your luxury motor coach conversion

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