Renters Insurance Coverages

Foremost Insurance has policies for tenants in traditional site-built dwellings, condos, apartments and more. See what’s covered under a rental insurance policy from Foremost.

Personal Property Coverage

Insures your personal property against common causes of loss like fire or theft. Optional endorsements are available for special items like property used for business purposes or memorabilia.


In the event you’re found legally liable for damages due to bodily injury or property damage caused by an accident, Liability coverage can help with those damages.

Optional Replacement Cost

If you opt to purchase Replacement Cost coverage, after a covered loss you’ll get a settlement that reflects the cost to replace damaged items with new items of comparable material and quality, without a deduction for depreciation.

Additional Living Expenses

If a covered loss makes your residence unfit to live in, this coverage can pay the actual, reasonable and necessary increase in living expenses during that time.

Actual Cash Value

This provides coverage for the amount it would cost to repair or replace your property with new property of like kind and quality, with a deduction for depreciation.

Optional Comprehensive Coverage

If you purchase an endorsement for comprehensive coverage, it can cover most direct, sudden and accidental physical losses that aren’t specifically excluded in your policy.

Rental Insurance Discounts

Here are just a few of the ways your can save money by choosing Foremost:


Bundle your renters insurance with auto to receive a discount.

Central Fire Alarm

Save money when you have a central fire alarm.

Burglar Alarm

Install a burglar alarm for extra policy savings.

FAQ Rental Insurance

Have questions about renters insurance? We have answers!

Some landlords might require renters insurance. Most people are surprised at how affordable it is. The cost to replace your belongings – including expensive electronics – can be much higher than the cost of renters insurance. Consider covering your personal property in the case of fire, theft or vandalism.
The price of renters insurance varies depending on which state you live in and how much coverage you select.
Typically, it only takes a few minutes to apply for renters insurance and you can choose the date you want your coverage to start. To speed along the application process, gather all the important documents pertaining to your residence, and have a home inventory list of your belongings with their approximate values.
We can’t speak for other carriers, but Foremost renters insurance policy can cover both a home and an apartment. But just remember, the coverage requirements for each can be different. If you don’t know exactly which coverages you want, you may benefit from speaking with an insurance representative.

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