Fifth Wheel Insurance FAQs

Here are a few fifth wheel insurance discounts you can get with Foremost:

While law does not require insurance on a hitched trailer, getting a separate insurance policy for your fifth wheel can minimize the financial impact of physical damage or theft of the fifth wheel.
We use several different factors to determine the cost of a fifth wheel policy, which can vary by state and rating territory. These factors can include the vehicle age, length, value, and other risk variables.
With Foremost Insurance, yes. Policies for fifth wheels, or campers (i.e. vehicles commonly towed on a truck bed hitch, or something similar), are written in our travel trailer program along with many other types of trailers such as utility trailers, car and animal hauler trailers, and even some types of tiny houses!

Fifth Wheel Optional Coverages

Our policies provide important coverages that are not typically available in most conventional auto policies or the more stripped-down RV insurance policies offered by some companies. An insurance representative can help as you choose a Foremost Insurance policy for your rig.

Other Than Collision Coverage

Loss or damage from any cause except collision. Loss or damage caused by other than collision includes missiles, falling objects, fire, theft, explosion, earthquake, windstorm, hail, water, flood, mischief, vandalism, riot, civil commotion or colliding with birds or animals.

Personal Property Replacement Cost Coverage

This provides replacement cost coverage for your personal belongings that are damaged by a covered loss.

Stationary Fifth Wheel Coverage

Units kept at a fixed location and not typically towed over the road for recreational purposes:

  • Special coverage options are available without Collision, Towing and Roadside Assistance, and Emergency Expense coverages.
  • Attached additions such as decks and sunrooms are included as part of the fifth wheel.
  • Park models connected to permanent utilities may be eligible for the manufactured home program.

Fifth wheels are insured in the Foremost RV program.

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