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The Sturgis Motorcycle Rally

Main Street at Sturgis

When you think of a motorcycle rally, what comes to your mind? Probably the same thing that came to my mind a couple years ago when I took my first trip to the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally, but I couldn't have been more wrong. In reality, the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally is a journey, a lifestyle that you lead. I am now a proud biker and attending the Sturgis rally this year for my fourth time.

There was an estimated 600,000 people in the small town of Sturgis, South Dakota for this rally and the area never got congested or too busy. It amazes me that with so many people in one spot there aren't more problems, but I attribute that to how incredibly polite most bikers are.

Part of our Foremost rally campaign consists of me going up to total strangers and asking them to put on a shirt or do an interview. It's hard to believe, but Sturgis is probably the easiest place to do this. I have never been turned down and everyone is always willing to help, with a smile on their face.

I'm constantly surprised by how genuine and true the biker community is. The people that attend this rally range from doctors and lawyers, to teachers, and to bikers that live on the road.

The rally is a surreal place where everyone from 18 to 80 can strike up a friendly conversation on the side of Main Street. I was actually standing in line to get some patches sewn on my leathers, which is a very popular thing at the rally, and I was starting to get impatient. An 80-year-old biker put his hand on my shoulder and said, "If you were in a hurry, then you wouldn't be at the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally, huh?" And, he's correct. The culture and atmosphere that you can see on our Foremost Facebook page portrays it right, everyone looks happy because everyone is happy. It's a place that you go to forget about any stresses in your life, ride the open road and congregate with your people. It's a lifestyle and something that this biker (I'm riding my own next year) will be forever changed from.

Take a look at a few of the amazing people I met and the rides we took. If you're not a biker, don't count it out just yet, you never know when the Badlands of South Dakota will be calling you. And, don't forget to check out the Foremost Instagram account for some pretty cool shots from the 2015 Sturgis Motorcycle Rally!

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