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Snowmobile thrill seeking gone wrong

Snowmobiler in snow

With international snowmobile safety week being recognized this month, I'm reminded of my own snowmobile experiences. I'm sure it's hard to believe, but me, a person scared of most thrills, has been on a snowmobile three times! I think you might appreciate the how and why of my snowmobiling adventures:

As a high school student, I wasn't as afraid of thrills like I am now, but I was very afraid of one thing. That thing was being on frozen ice, especially on a motorized vehicle. When I say afraid, that is probably an understatement. So, because I was 17 years old, trying to impress a boy, and it was a night out of the house, I went on a snowmobile adventure with my friend and another couple. I made it extremely clear that we were NOT to go on any sort of ice at all. Everyone seemed fine with that, and off we went. After about an hour of riding in a pretty dense forest, we came to a huge clearing and started going pretty fast.

Can you guess why it was a clearing…yes, because it was a lake! A frozen lake, that actually was not as frozen as the drivers thought. The tail end of the snowmobile started sinking into the slush when we were in the middle of the lake. I went absolutely hysterical, while everyone else thought this was not a problem. I made the driver take me to the edge of the lake and drop me off. There I sat in the freezing snow while our snowmobile towed the other one out of the water. Needless to say, this was the one and only time I was on a snowmobile in the winter in Michigan.

As a high school student, I wasn't as afraid of thrills like I am now, but I was very afraid of one thing. That thing was being on frozen ice, especially on a motorized vehicle.

The other time was in a field riding through the grass, which is not really great for your machine I'm learning working here at Foremost. Point is, if we would have been safe way back when, I may have become an avid rider, because it is an extremely popular sport!

Snowmobile safety should be at the top of your list this season! Check out some tips from our snowmobile safety page on that should help you be safe and have fun while on that high powered machine.

Oh that's right, the third time. This was pretty intense and in Alaska on a huge frozen river. I was riding in a wooden sled being pulled by the snowmobile, and if I remember right it was -30 degrees! So, I was not as much focusing on the frozen river as I was my frozen fingers. But, it was very cool to see how popular snowmobiles were in Alaska and that they are used as the main vehicle to get from here to there. So, while I was freezing, I did gain a new appreciation for the "motorized sled" during this experience.

Whatever your experience may be, have safe travels!

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