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6 incredible rides to experience at the motorcycle rally in Sturgis, South Dakota

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The legendary motorcycle rally in Sturgis, South Dakota is back for its 76th year, and Foremost is gearing up to ride! As we prepare for our wild adventures in the Black Hills, we've created a list of our absolute favorite places to ride while experiencing the thrills of this top-notch rally.

A motorcycle riding through a scenic highway

Tips for buying a used motorcycle

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Whether you've been riding all your life or are looking to purchase your first bike, buying a new-to-you motorcycle can be pretty challenging. What make do I want? What's my budget?

Protecting your noggin

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I remember getting the opportunity to ride on the back of my grandpa's motorcycle for the first time as a child. Traveling quickly and close to the ground without any walls or doors was such an exhilarating experience! I also remember the helmet that squished my cheeks right into my nose and eyes.

Motorcycle rally survival tips

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This year I traveled to Sturgis, South Dakota to experience my first motorcycle rally. I was excited to attend, but also nervous. I'm new to the world of motorcycles, and I had no idea what to expect.

Ride to the sky

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Take a ride up Mount Washington with the Foremost Creative Team! This peak in New Hampshire stands at 6,288.2 ft., making it the most prominent mountain east of the Mississippi River. Would you take the trip up with your bike?

Best bikes of Laconia 2017

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The Foremost team took a ride to Laconia this June to share the sights and sounds of this famous rally with you!

Bikes from the streets of Daytona

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Foremost is on the ground at the famous biker rally in Daytona Beach and is checking out all the slick rides.

After it burned — Motorcycle claims with Foremost

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The Foremost Claims Department is comprised of an award-winning team of insurance professionals who are there when you need them

Remember tires when thinking of motorcycle safety

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When it comes to motorcycles, there are few things as important as the tires. "Tire maintenance is essential," says Kevin Henry, senior product manager for Foremost motorcycle. "It doesn't take a lot of time or effort to inspect a bike's tires and it will help the motorcycle achieve top mileage and performance."

Main Street at the Sturgis motorcycle rally

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Millions of bikers packed onto Main Street for the 75th Annual Sturgis Motorcycle Rally in South Dakota!

The Needles Highway

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The Foremost team takes a scenic jaunt through the Needles Highway near Mount Rushmore! Glide along and enjoy the ride with us.

Stunt riders at Sturgis, South Dakota

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These stunt riders do wheelies, donuts and more at the 75th anniversary of the legendary Sturgis Motorcycle Rally in South Dakota!

Spearfish Canyon ride

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GoPro footage from our scenic cruise through Spearfish Canyon. You can almost feel the sun on your skin!

Why do bikers love to ride?

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We asked dozens of bikers at the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally why they love riding, and their answers are awesome! Why do you love to ride?

Born to be wild — 6 facts about the legendary Sturgis Motorcycle Rally

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This August the rally will be celebrating its 75th anniversary, and we can't wait to take part in the action! In anticipation for our wild adventures in Sturgis this year, here are 6 facts you may not have known about the motorcycle rally.

The Sturgis Motorcycle Rally… it's a lifestyle.

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When you think of a motorcycle rally, what comes to your mind? Probably the same thing that came to my mind a couple years ago when I took my first trip to the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally, but I couldn't have been more wrong.

6 ways you shouldn't ride your motorcycle

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Flip flops, shorts and a T-shirt are great to wear at the beach, but if worn while riding a motorcycle, they look silly and are truly dangerous. Unfortunately, everyone has seen someone on the road who seems to be under the false impression that riding a motorcycle is about being reckless and narrowly cheating death.

Motorcycle in 3-D!

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Why'd we make the Motorcycle video in 3-D? Because our Motorcycle product cannot be contained in just two dimensions. Sit back and get ready to be mesmerized!

Tip-top gear. A pink motorcycle helmet and funny gloves.

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Motorcycle safety classes fill quickly in my area, so I really lucked out when I was able get into a class. How? The night I went to record a video, I spontaneously took one of the no-show's spots (with only a little nudging by one of the RiderCoaches). One problem with this spontaneity and my overall lack of motorcycle experience: I had no gear. The Motorcycle Safety Course teaches that safe motorcyclists wear all their personal protective gear all the time.

We're making a biker out of everyone at Daytona Bike Week

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Foremost is on the streets of Daytona Beach Bike Week making bikers out of all the tourists, spring breakers and already tough bikers!

So many Sturgis rides, so little time

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With an estimated 400,000 bikes at the Sturigs Motorcycle Rally, we're bound to run into a few beauties. Why not sit back, relax and enjoy these amazing machines from the streets.

Foremost, Can you cover my… ?

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Foremost was on the ground at the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally August 2-11 and covered some bikers with free T-shirts. The bikers asked Foremost if we could cover their rides, helmets and more!

Home on the (motorcycle) range

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When starting a course at any school, you are presented with a syllabus, or a series of assignments or tasks you will need to proficiently complete to pass. By Saturday morning, my list for the Motorcycle Safety Course looked like this.

The people of Daytona Beach Bike Week: Part 2

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We're missing our friends at Daytona Beach Bike Week already! Take a look at more of the faces we met on the streets of bike week and at the Daytona International Speedway. You might even recognize some of them!

The people of Daytona Beach Bike Week

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There are so many different bikes and people that come to visit the Daytona Beach Bike Week. Tourists, spring break college students, retirees and of course… bikers. We hit the streets to find out just what kind of people are enjoying this 10 day event. Check it out!

The streets of Daytona Beach Bike Week!

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Foremost is on the ground at the 72nd Annual Daytona Beach Bike Week and has been bringing the action back to you! Although we are an insurance company, we are completely committed to sponsoring the products we insure.

School's in (for summer) — Motorcycle safety class diaries continued

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Since I signed up spontaneously, I had no time to anticipate what I was getting myself into prior to the first class. All I really knew was I had six hours of classroom instruction and ten hours of range work ahead of me, including a written exam and a skills test. Good thing I happen to like learning and like to be challenged.

A video's worth… we'll let you see for yourself.

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If a picture's worth a thousand words, what's a video worth? A lot of embarrassment for me. Of course, it may not come across that way, but imagine that as you're watching it, I'm cringing right beside you. I have done video since high school and have never liked the way I appear on camera. There's a reason I'm a behind the scenes person.

Get your motorcycle out of storage

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Follow helpful motorcycle safety tips from Foremost Insurance to make your first motorcycle ride worry free after storing it all winter.

Motorcycle riding: Avoiding hazards on the road

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Be smartly prepared to know how to avoid hazards while you are on a motorcycle ride with our safety tips. Additionally, learn about motorcycle insurance with Foremost.

Motorcycle safety course

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Learn the pros to taking a motorcycle safety course and get information about our motorcycle insurance with Foremost Insurance.

Motorcycle safety gear

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Learn what kind of motorcycle safety gear to wear on your next ride with our guide.

Prevent motorcycle theft

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Follow our 5 methods to prevent motorcycle theft from happening to you. Take a look at Foremost Insurance for your motorcycle insurance needs.

Scooter safety tips

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Share the road and get to your destination with our scooter safety tips.

Motorcycle safety: Winter storage tips

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If you live in a climate where the temperature starts dropping in October, you'll most likely be thinking about putting your motorcycle away for the winter.

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