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Get your motorcycle out of storage

A person getting a new motorcycle tire for his bike at a tire store

You've stored your bike all winter long safely, protecting your investment from the harsh temperatures. Follow these helpful motorcycle safety tips from the Foremost Insurance Group and the American Motorcyclist Association to make your first trip worry-free.

Get a service check

It's a good idea to have your bike serviced prior to taking it out for the first ride. Since you've already changed the oil and trickle-charged the battery prior to and during storage you should be in good shape. Have these items, the tires and the coolant checked (if your bike is liquid-cooled) during the service appointment.

Carry a tool kit

Flat tires can cut a ride short. The best way to prepare yourself is to carry tools to temporarily repair a flat and know how to use them. You should always carry a pressure gauge and use it often to help avoid flats. However, accidents do happen. Always carry a tire repair kit and know how to plug the damage and inflate the tire by means of CO2 cartridges, or by using a pump, so you can get to a garage and have the tire replaced. Practice on an old tire.

It's also a good idea to carry a flashlight and a spare fuse. You can't plan when your bike will get a flat or breakdown, so have the tools you need to make minor repairs to get you back on the road. If you're going on a longer trip it's also a good idea to carry a spare electrical relay, fuel filter (if these apply to your bike), headlight bulbs or other similar items that can malfunction. Always carry a cell phone especially if you're riding solo.

Wear the proper gear for your comfort

Your body is exposed to the elements when you ride so protect yourself from temperature and moisture changes. Even a short trip can take you through a variety of temperatures. Carrying an extra pair of dry gloves can make a world of difference. Also consider wearing jackets with venting and removable linings, and layer your clothing so you can add or remove depending on the temperature. In warmer weather bring along a rain suit. The goal is to stay warm and dry.

Enjoy the ride

Take precautions and pack smartly and you'll make great memories. Create a list of things you'll need before you start out, and then add or remove items depending on your experience and your bike.

Motorcycle insurance

Another important motorcycle safety tip is to make sure you have the right motorcycle insurance coverage. Take a look at our coverage options on our motorcycle insurance page, or get a quote.

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