Keep those wheels spinning! It's National Tire Safety Week.

A person checking his tire pressure

Did you know that tire safety is recognized and those spinning rubber wheels actually have their own safety week? I'll admit it, I didn't and I bet I'm not the only one. When it comes to my tires I rarely think about them other than where they can get me to next and how fast we can get there.

Come to find out that tire safety is extremely important for not only a smooth ride, but a safe ride too. The Rubber Manufacturer Association (RMA) recognizes tire safety this week, June 1-7 and urges motorists to check tires before any trip. The RMA even has a very catchy little tire guy to lead you through their very informative website and take some great tire safety quizzes.

Following these steps can not only keep your car in better condition, but it could keep you safe on the road too!

RMA's P.A.R.Ts of tire safety are as follows:

  • Pressure - Underinflation is a tire's #1 enemy. It results in unnecessary tire stress, irregular wear, loss of control and accidents. A tire can lose up to half of its air pressure and not appear to be flat!
  • Alignment - Is your vehicle pulling to one side or shaking? A bad jolt from hitting a curb or pothole can throw your front end out of alignment and damage your tires. Have a tire dealer check the alignment periodically to ensure that your car is properly aligned.
  • Rotation - Regularly rotating your vehicle's tires will help you achieve more uniform wear. Unless your vehicle owner's manual has a specific recommendation, the guideline for tire rotation is approximately every 5,000 miles.
  • Tread - Measure it and inspect it. Advanced and unusual wear can reduce the ability of tread to grip the road in adverse conditions. Visually check your tires for uneven wear, looking for high and low areas or unusually smooth areas. Also check for signs of damage.

No matter what kind of vehicle your tires are carrying down the road, tire safety is extremely important for not only a smooth ride, but a safe ride.

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