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What You Need

To help make filing a claim easier, please have the following information on hand:

  • Policyholder’s name and address
  • Policy number
  • Date the loss happened
  • Description of what happened
  • Telephone number so we can contact you

Claims Process

Wondering how our claims services work? Whether you're reporting a fender bender, a home fire, a dog bite, an employee injury, or need roadside assistance, our claims department follows the same five-step process for every claim:

  1. Claims Assignment

    Once you file a claim (please scroll up for information on how to file), it’s assigned to a claims professional. Depending on the complexity of your claim, you may work with a team of experienced claims representatives.

  2. Initial Contact

    A claims adjuster contacts you to get information surrounding your loss, talks to you about your coverage, explains how your claim will be handled, identifies ways to protect your property from further damage (for example: putting a tarp over a damaged roof or plastic sheeting on a broken car window), and schedules an in-person appointment if one is needed.
  3. Evaluation and Estimation

    Your claims professional evaluates your claim by gathering facts, inspecting and documenting damage, interviewing witnesses or others involved, and viewing photos or videos. After reviewing all of this, your claims adjuster will determine whether the loss is covered and for how much.
  4. Resolution

    We'll work with you to resolve your claim fairly by either paying what you're owed or explaining why there’s no payment on your claim.
  5. Close the Claim

    Once your claim is resolved under the terms of your policy, the claim will then be closed. If you discover additional expenses, give us a call and we will re-open your claim to investigate.

Please Note: Every claim is different, and some are more complex than others. Some may be opened and closed quickly while others may take weeks or even months to resolve. Our claims professionals will do whatever it takes to assess your claim fairly and help you get back where you belong.

For fire or water damage, consider ServiceMaster Restore®. This industry leader in restoration procedures and technology is on call 24/7, 365 days a year. They offer restoration services for fire, smoke and water damage (with certification in Applied Structural Drying).

Claims Team

The Foremost Claims Department is an award-winning team1 of insurance professionals who are there when you need them 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Our Claims Adjusters and Catastrophe Response Team members go through extensive training where they learn the importance of soft skills (such as active listening and critical thinking), and get hands-on practice in our Claims Learning Labs and virtual reality set ups.

Our pledge is to deliver A Better Insurance Experience®, and we do that by making compassionate customer care our top priority.

View The Foremost Claims Team PDF

Claims learning lab with a house, boat, mobile home and jet ski

Claims Adjusters learn to evaluate many different styles of homes in our Claims Learning Labs.

People in a class setting

Foremost Claims Adjusters are trained on the following: easy customer service methodology, active listening, critical thinking, time management, empathy and more.

Claims learning lab with a house, boat, mobile home and jet ski

Our Claims Learning Labs are equipped with the actual products we insure for hands-on Claims Adjuster training. These products include mobile homes, boats, motorcycles and more.

Cabin burned to the ground in the woods

In 2020, the Foremost Claims Team served customers by handling over 50,000 catastrophe claims.

Mobile claims center bus

Our Mobile Claims Centers include four buses and four Customer Care vehicles.


Our Catastrophe Response Team members are ready to deploy the day of an urgent situation.

A guy with a headset on

Our award-winning Claims Team and Catastrophe Response Team are ready to assist you 24/7.

Claims professional inspecting a mobile home

Foremost employs over 2,600 trained claims professionals throughout the U.S.

Five stars

According to 2020 research from J.D. Power, Farmers ranked in the top three for property claims customer satisfaction with a score of 893.

Claims Fraud

Studies have shown that insurance fraud costs the insurance industry billions of dollars every year2 and it's not a victimless crime. Everyone is directly affected by paying higher policy premiums for their insurance.

To help address this issue, Foremost has a dedicated Special Investigations Unit. If you are aware of suspected Insurance Fraud, you can report it to us at any time of day by calling 888-662-6616 (you don't have to identify yourself).

Person holding a phone with the claims fraud phone number

1 Claims stats and other data from 2020.