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What are off road vehicles?

Off road vehicles, or ORVs, are typically designed to be ridden outside of urban roadways. They usually have a flexible suspension and require durable tires with deep treads. Off road vehicles are different than off highway vehicles, which include bulldozers, cranes, forklifts, and tractors. Keep reading to gain a better understanding of what type of vehicles fall into the off road category.

Common types of off road vehicles.


Two ATV riding a trail in the woods

ATVs are all-terrain vehicles that usually have one or two seats that riders can straddle. For ATVs that do have room for more than one rider, the passenger's seat is typically behind the driver's seat. They also generally have handlebars and large tires with deep tread. ATVs come in many sizes and speeds.

Golf Cart

A young couple in a golf cart driving on a golf course

Golf Carts are designed for use on golf courses. Golfers use carts to travel around the course more easily, and to transport their equipment without spending so much energy. Golf carts are built low to the ground to lessen the likelihood of them tipping over on rough terrain. They usually have small tires which require less power to operate.


A snowmobiler driving on a trail near the edge of the woods

Snowmobiles are off road vehicles designed specifically for travel on snow and ice. Instead of tires, they usually have belt treads which provide better grip on slippery surfaces. They also commonly have sled-type runners or skis in the front which allow for better control during navigation.


A hunter posing in front of an UTV

UTVs are commonly confused with ATVs, but they are not the same thing. UTVs are utility terrain vehicles that are designed primarily for work purposes. UTVs typically have a lot of storage space for moving equipment. Unlike ATVs, UTVs have enough room for drivers and passengers to sit side-by-side.


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