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Packing your memories — Preparing your belongings for a move

Welcome back! In our first blog of this four-part series, Preparing to Move, we settled our various accounts and prepared our home and finances for the impending move. Now that we have everything in check, let's work through the packing process together.

1. Use it or lose it!

Unorganized closet over-flowing with clothes

If you're still storing items you haven't used in forever (no, you'll probably never wear those gauchos from 2005 again, you don't have to save them), donate or sell them!

2. Pack the items you will need first in clear, plastic bins.

Half open clear bin with towels and blankets

This will ensure that when you need those items, you know exactly where they are and in what shape they're in.


Box labeled with room and contents

Where does this box belong in the house? What's in it? Is the box holding fragile items? Answer these key questions as you label each and every box being moved (color-coding is a great technique for this), and keep the labels on the side so it's easy to read.

4. Wrap breakable items with clothing or towels instead of bubble wrap.

Cutting board and baking pan in shirt

Clothing and towels are a great way to save a bit of money on bubble wrap and still keep your dishes, vases, etc. cozy and intact!

5. Pack glasses and stemware inside a clean sock for extra padding.

A pair of clean heavy socks

6. Pack a suitcase for the first few nights after your move.

Open suitcase filled with clothes

Odds are pretty high that you won't get to unpacking everything in the first day. That's totally normal, but you'll need some things to wear and get ready with in the meantime.

7. Cover toiletries with plastic wrap.

Tolietries with plastic wrap between bottle and cap

Take the cap off the bottle, put the plastic wrap on top of the opening, then close the toiletry again. The plastic wrap should lay in between the two and reduce any spillage.

8. Use bags, baskets, and suitcases as moving boxes.

Four different colored suitcases

Why pack all of your bags and suitcases in a different box? Why not use them as a storage unit themselves! Save some money and space by using these carriers to store those smaller knickknacks and such.

9. Donate extra items to a charity organization

Box filled with items - labeled Donation Box

You'll probably have quite a few items you'll find while cleaning out the nooks and crannies of your house that you have no need for anymore. Let someone else benefit from those forgotten items and donate them to your local charity! I suggest scheduling a pickup two weeks before your move-out date.

10. Hire special movers for fragile property.

Two men moving piano on truck

Fragile items like your piano, 65" ultra HD TV, and china cabinet heirloom should be moved by professionals who know how to keep those important pieces safe and intact. Do your research and make sure to contact them at least one month in advance - you're probably not the only one moving that weekend! Check out this article from Real Simple for more tips on how to hire a reliable mover.

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Check out this video if you'd like even more fun tricks to keep your move organized.

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