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Top questions to ask about off-road vehicle insurance

A person riding an ATV

Fall is in the air, but there are still plenty of nice days left to hop on your dirt bike, ATV, dune buggy, golf cart or other off-road vehicle (ORV) and get outdoors. Before you do, you may want to ask your insurance agency some questions about insurance coverage. Foremost Insurance Group has some suggestions to help you get started.

1. What typical coverages are available?

"Ask your agent or broker about standard coverages that are available, as well as optional ones you might consider," says Foremost® Senior Product Manager Kevin Henry. "Standard coverages include Collision, Other Than Collision, Liability and Medical Payments. They help provide coverage for damage to your ORV itself or damage or injury that you may cause while riding your ORV."

2. Is my safety apparel covered?

"Whether it's helmets, goggles or other clothing that helps minimize injuries from an accident, most companies will offer safety apparel coverage for when these things get damaged," says Henry. "We want riders to be as safe as possible while enjoying the outdoors, so we encourage wearing safety gear."

3. Is there optional equipment coverage available?

"Most people have customized or added options to their ORVs," Henry explains. "Optional Equipment coverage helps cover things like towable trailers, racks and winch kits for your ORV."

4. Am I able to insure my ORV year-round?

"Year-round coverage is definitely something you may want to consider," answers Henry. "Some policies have a lay-up period for colder weather when you may not be able to ride. But when an unusually warm day comes around and you want to take your ORV out, you might be stuck without coverage. A year-round policy lets you take it out whenever Mother Nature's providing good weather and, with some companies, you can do this for the same price as seasonal coverage."

5. What kinds of discounts are available?

"Everybody wants to save money," Henry shares. "Ask what's available for you. Some companies, like Foremost, offer discounts for things like multi-units, multi-policies, maintaining continuous coverage when you renew and for having prior off-road vehicle insurance."

Your safety is number one to us. Stay safe wherever you choose to go on your off-road vehicle.

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