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Tips for Travel Trailer Camping

Travel trailer with awning out set up at campsite

Many memories are made camping, and a lot of those might include being in a tent or even a camper. Travel trailer camping is popular for good reasons such as space, towability and accessibility. But whether you're new to the concept or have already had a few adventures (including tailgating!), these handy tips can serve as reminders for a better outdoor experience:

  • Park it - Have your travel trailer parked in your driveway or lot a couple days before the trip. This will allow for easier packing, plus getting things such as a refrigerator up and running.
  • Pack it - As mentioned, you can start packing early to save time in the long run. Items such as clothing, bedding and non-perishable food items can be stored ahead of time. Using tote bins to pack and stack items can be a great space saver! Also remember to bring a tool kit and first-aid kit, which you might need in case of an emergency.
  • Run it - Turn things on and make sure brake lights, appliances and other essentials are all in working order.
  • Practice it - Hook your travel trailer up to your tow vehicle and take it for a test run before you leave for your trip. Be sure to practice backing up, driving on small inclines and making turns.
  • Research it - In other words, know where you're going. Whether it's to a tailgate party or straight to the campground, be sure to research which amenities may or may not be available, including electric/water/sewer hookup, restrooms, laundry room, tables and fire pits, cell phone and/or Wi-Fi service and even a nearby general store.
  • Place it - Once you get to your destination, get the inside of the trailer set up and make sure everything has a place. Make beds, organize food, stack items such as towels and shoes where people can get to them - you get the picture. You'll be happy you did, saving time and space!
  • Camp it - Finally, enjoy your time away!


And before you head out on the road with your travel trailer, remember you can always speak with a Foremost agent to shop for coverages so you can protect the things you tow.

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