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Throw a GREAT Tailgate Party

A group of people enjoying a tailgate party at the game

tail·gate /'tālˌgāt/

  1. host or attend a social gathering at which an informal meal is served from the back of a parked vehicle, typically in the parking lot of a sports stadium.
    "Lot 16E is reserved for alumni who wish to tailgate before the game."

Here at Foremost®, in addition to insurance policies for auto and home, we also offer insurance policies for things you hitch to your vehicle like campers, boats or recreational vehicles. We know that in addition to being useful for towing things, your vehicle's tailgate can also be the location for a fantastic gathering of family and friends before a big game!

To help you plan, we've gathered some tips on how to throw a great tailgate party.

  • Tickets

    Seasoned tailgaters likely don't need the reminder, but if you're new to tailgating or are traveling to a new venue to see your team, make sure you have the proper game day ticket or tailgate ticket in addition to a parking pass for the designated tailgate area for the big game.
  • Safety and first aid gear

    While there may be medical personnel stationed nearby for the game, bring your own first-aid kit, so you're prepared for any minor injuries or ailments. Make sure you also have a fire extinguisher.
  • Generator and grill check

    If it's allowed at the venue and you plan on bringing a grill and/or a generator, it's a good idea to check both prior to your event to make sure they are in safe, working order. Also, make sure you have enough fuel for your grill and the generator so you can run them for as long as you'll need.
  • Weather check

    Nobody wants to be soggy or cold, so check the weather leading up to game day and plan for the weather conditions, including any inclement weather. Think layers for warmth, raincoats, rain ponchos, suitable footwear for cold or wet conditions, gloves, hats, etc. Don't forget the sunscreen. And obviously, whatever you wear, be sure you're sporting your team colors!
  • Chairs, tents and team swag

    Once you know what the weather forecast is, you can plan what you'll need in terms of your tailgate party set up. Some people use their RV as their tailgate vehicle (make sure you check with the venue to see if RVs are allowed), some use their car, SUV, van or truck as the main gathering point. Whatever vehicle you use, you can easily position chairs, a portable table with your grill, coolers, and any other gear you may want like a canopy tent around the back of the vehicle. And don't forget to bring along your team's flag or other team paraphernalia so you can properly rep your team on game day!
  • Snacks

    According to Foremost snack enthusiasts, this might be the most important element to a tailgate party! Think of foods that are easily prepared in advance and that travel well, like handheld and small-bite snacks that you and your guests can enjoy with minimal mess. If you're meeting friends or family at the game, you can organize and assign who will bring what snacks, so you have all your food and beverage bases covered. There are plenty of recipes to check out online - here's a round-up of over 50 tasty-looking tailgate recipes from the Food Network. Maybe you'll find a new recipe to try.
  • Enjoy

    Finally, it's game day and all your planning will pay off. Once you arrive at the designated tailgate area and get set up, it's time to enjoy the festivities and the game.


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