Leading by example, Teen Driver Safety Week

Handing keys to teen driver.

Celebrate! Celebrate what? National Teen Driver Safety Week, that's what.

If you have a teenager driving this is a great excuse to get them to listen to some very important safety tips and information.

National Teen Driver Safety Week is observed October 20-26 this year and is focused on "It Takes Two: Shared Expectations for Teens and Parent Drivers."

I was standing in line the other day and a woman was talking about her teen driver. Not that I was eavesdropping, but…here is a sampling of the conversation:

"My husband and I were following our son home from the basketball game last night and we couldn't even catch up with him. He must have been going 90 mph (laugh). I guess I can't blame him, he has a lead foot just like me."

As I stood in that line, I was thinking, "Parents lead by example." It's a really important responsibility we have as parents and a difficult one too. My daughter is not even close to driving age, but she is already a good back seat driver. She tells me when I am going too fast and reminds me to put on my seatbelt. I can't imagine what she will be watching for when she actually becomes a teenager.

As parents we need to show our kids the right behaviors. That means safety and patience at all times, or as much as we possibly can. Read about some tips to help promote safe driving HERE.

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