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Spring mobile home inspection

A mobile home basking on a nice spring day

Spring is a good time to inspect your home and property and make any necessary repairs or preparations for the summer climate. Begin with a general visual inspection of your home and yard.

Start with your roof. Clear off any debris. Check the gutters and clean them out if they need it.

If you have a shingled roof, look for missing or loose shingles or flashing and repair those. If you have a metal roof, check the coating and re-coat if necessary. Take a look at our section on Coating Your Roof.

Check nearby trees to see if they pose a threat to your roof. If so, trim branches or remove the trees.

Inspect fences, railings and skirting. Plan repairs as needed. Skirting keeps pests out from under your home and keeps your home cooler in the summer. Check out this information on Replacing Your Home's Skirting.

Check entrance steps and make sure they are stable and in good condition. Check out our step safety tips to learn more about this topic.

Rake any mounds of gravel or dirt that may have accumulated from snow removal.

Pick up any debris on your lawn.

Inspect bushes, shrubs and other landscaping and trim or remove if necessary.

Check your home's siding and wash it if needed.

Inspect your windows and screens. Repair any damaged screens and wash windows before installing the screens. If you need to replace any windows, this information on Replacing Exterior Windows will help.

Check the underside of your home for damage, debris collection or animal nesting situations and make needed repairs.

Then sit back, relax and plan those summer picnics!

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