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Boat safety: Float plan

A family enjoying the open water on a boat as the sun shimmers onthe water

Anytime you go out in a boat it is a good idea to leave a float plan regarding your travel plans with a responsible person that is not traveling with you. Details about where you are going, when you are leaving and when you plan to return will be important in the event that your boat is delayed due to weather conditions, mechanical problems or other emergency, and help needs to reach you.

Float plan

Print this page, complete this float plan and leave it with a reliable person who you can depend on to notify the Coast Guard, or other rescue organization, should you not return as scheduled.

  1. Name and telephone number of person reporting: __________________________
  2. Description of boat:
    Type ___________ Color __________ Trim ____________
    Registration Number _____________ Length ___________
    Make ___________ Name __________________________
    Other Information __________________________
  3. Description of boat:
    Type ___________ Color __________ Trim ____________
    Registration Number _____________ Length ___________
    Make ___________ Name __________________________
    Other Information __________________________
  4. Number of Persons Aboard ______________
    Name Age Address & Phone __________________________
  5. Engine Type _________________ H.P. ____________________
    No. of Engines _______________ Fuel Capacity _______________
  6. Radio YES / NO Type ______________________ Freqs. _____________
  7. Survival Equipment (Check as appropriate)
    ___ PFDs
    ___ Flares
    ___ Mirror
    ___ Smoke Signals
    ___ Flashlight
    ___ Food
    ___ Paddles
    ___ Water
    ___ Anchor
    ___ Raft or Dinghy
    ___ Batteries
    ___ First Aid Kit
    ___ Other
  8. Trip Expectations:
    Leave at __________________________ (time)
    From __________________________
    Going To __________________________
    Expect to Return by __________________________ (time)
    And in no Event Later Than __________________________
  9. Any other Pertinent Information __________________________
    Trailer License __________________________Type __________________________
    Automobile License __________________________
  10. Color and Make of Auto __________________________
    Where Parked __________________________
  11. If not returned by _____________ (time), call the Coast Guard or __________________ (local authority). Phone Numbers ____________________________________

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