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Mobile Home Exterior Makeover

RV set up with lights, a picnic table, chairs and decorations

Are you craving a new DIY project now that it's starting to warm up outside? Let's talk about how to give your mobile home curb appeal. Whether you live in a park or on private land, updating the visible land around your mobile home can increase its attractiveness. Foremost® Insurance has prepared a list of ideas to help you get started!

  • Add flower beds.

    Putting a flower bed around the front of your mobile home is a great way to get people's attention. This takes a bit of planning and requires some time, but it will be worth it in the end! By planting different varieties of plants and flowers you can add interest and depth to your landscape.

  • Low maintenance outdoor plants.

    If you are looking for low maintenance outdoor plants to place around your mobile home, evergreen shrubs are a great option. These shrubs remain green throughout the year no matter what temperature it is. To maintain evergreens, consider planting them in acidic soil and watering frequently for the first two to three months. Once the bushes are established, you won't need to water as much.

  • Add a front porch.

    If you want your mobile home to look like a site-built home, you can add a front porch. Before you begin building, be sure to check the building codes for your area. Once you get the approval that you can build, determine how your home is reinforced. It must be anchored to the ground with footings that are buried beneath the frost line to safely attach a porch.

  • Spice up the skirting.

    Skirting is a functional feature designed to protect against outdoor elements and critters, and it's one of the first things people notice when looking at your mobile home. There are various types of skirting and choosing the right one can drastically improve your home's appearance. Examples include faux stone, vinyl, cinder block and metal skirting.

  • Install outdoor lighting.

    You can completely revamp the look and feel of your mobile home by adding exterior lights. Common locations for outdoor lighting include porches, doors and walkways. Plus — not all exterior lighting requires an electrical outlet! There are solar options available for most landscape lighting or string lights.

With these simple ideas you can give your mobile home an exterior makeover. Of course, if you plan to undertake any of these landscaping projects, it is wise to make sure you protect your investment with the right mobile home insurance policy.

Looking for mobile home insurance? Get a quote today by calling 888-244-8092 to speak with a licensed agent or find a Foremost insurance agent near you.


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