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How to Keep a Trailer Cool in the Summer

A travel trailer all set up with lights and outdoor table

It's time for you to hit the road in your RV for an epic summer vacation! You've prepared your water system, changed your oil, rotated your tires and you even gave your rig a good old fashioned hand wash. Although you're excited and may seem prepared - what's your plan to combat the heat during your summer adventures?

Don't sweat it. Foremost® Insurance has compiled a list of tips to help keep your RV cool during summer!

  1. Bring portable fans.

    Portable fans are your friend. We recommend having at least two or three on hand. The fans will help circulate air throughout your rig and can work just as well as air conditioning. Don't forget the extra batteries!

  2. Cover your windows.

    The temperature inside your motor home will rise as more sunlight beams in. To avoid this, consider using window shades during the day. When you get to a rest stop, you can compound your efforts by finding an area that has plenty of natural shade.

  3. Use LED lighting.

    According to the U.S. Department of Energy, LED lights create less heat than regular incandescent or CFL light bulbs. To help keep your RV chilly during the summer, consider replacing all your light bulbs with LED lights, and only use them when necessary.

  4. Clean your cooling system.

    If your camper uses a cooling system, make sure you clean the filters. This can improve your system's efficiency and make it easier to keep your rig nice and cool.

  5. Use outdoor grills

    One surefire way to heat up your motor home during summer is to cook inside of it. Consider cooking outdoors as much as possible. Some campers have designated storage areas for transporting grills. There are also portable grills you can bring along with you that will allow you to cook outdoors. If neither of these options work for you, consider lodging in an area that has public outdoor grills.

  6. Clean refrigerator vents.

    Did you know that refrigerators create a ton of heat? In fact, refrigerators are often the most significant heat sources in RVs. The harder they work, the more heat they create. You can help your fridge generate less energy by cleaning the vents for good air flow. As an alternative, you could use a heavy-duty cooler to store your perishable items to eliminate the need of a fridge altogether.

It's best to combine all these methods for your RV to stay as cool as possible this summer. Following these steps can help you worry less about the sun, and more about the fun!


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