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How to Heat Your Home Cheaply

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Why is my house so cold? Why does it cost so much to live in a warm house? If this sounds like you, you've come to the right place. Read on to discover some ideas about how to keep a house warm in the winter.

Install door sweeps

Cold air can enter your home beneath doors that lead to the outside. Door sweeps are soft, nylon or vinyl attachments. You can cut these to fit snug against the bottom of your door and block the opening. These help to keep cold air out, and hot air in.

Lower the thermostat

This may sound counterintuitive, but lowering the thermostat is a great way to heat your home cheaply. You may find that you can lower the temperature a few degrees or so and not feel a difference in comfort. However, you just might notice the difference in your bill!

Make sure your vents are open and unblocked

Your vents can be blocked or even closed without you noticing, and this can block the heat from circulating throughout your home. Even if it does still circulate, your bill will likely be higher than it should, because it takes more time and energy to heat up a home when the air is traveling through a blocked vent.

Open your curtains during the day

Letting natural sunlight through may be the absolute cheapest way to heat your home, because it doesn't cost a penny! Of course, this won't work on a cloudy day. But if the sun is shining, take advantage of it.

Set your thermostat to “Auto”

Putting your thermostat on auto will tell it to shut off once your home reaches the temperature you've set. If your home dips below the desired temperature, the heat will automatically turn on again to bring it back up. This is much more cost effective than leaving the thermostat on constantly.

Turn on the fireplace

Fireplaces can be incredibly effective in reducing utility costs. Of course, if you'll be using a fireplace, make sure a responsible adult is around it at all times. If any small children or babies are around, consider not using it at all.

Upgrade to a smart thermostat

Smart thermostats are great because some of them have sensors that will only allow them to turn on when you are home. That way, when you're away, you can avoid using unnecessary energy. Smart thermostats can also be programmed to turn on or off at set times, and you can even turn them off with your mobile phone while you're away.

Use a portable space heater

Portable space heaters really come in handy when you only need to heat up one room or area. So, if you're the only one in a home or if everyone is in one room, instead of turning the heat up more, consider setting up a space heater wherever it's needed. If you'll be using a portable heater, make sure a responsible adult is around it at all times. If any small children or babies are around, consider not using one at all.

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