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Safety on the slopes

Skiis in the snow.

Whether you are new to skiing and snowboarding or you practically grew up on the slopes, you probably know that understanding the proper techniques and safety criteria are imperative when anticipating a trip through the cold. Take notice of these reminders so you can fully appreciate your journey through the snow!

Adjust the Equipment to Your Body

Whether you own equipment or plan on renting, making sure that your ski or snowboard bindings are adjusted correctly to your feet to avoid pain a few hours in.

Buy Proper Skiwear

Layer, layer, layer! It may not feel that cold out now, but once you've taken a few rounds down the slopes, the temperature seems to drop. Dressing in water and wind-resistant clothing will make for a better day out, we promise. Try gathering these items before heading out:

  • High collared shirts/sweaters
  • Headband/Hat
  • Gloves/Mittens (mittens may be a better option if you are more prone to cold hands)
  • Helmet
  • Eye Protection (skiing/snowboarding is more fun when you can see)

Get Proper Instruction

While the kiddy hill can be fun for a while, taking a lesson from a qualified instructor on proper techniques will dramatically improve your skill and give you the understanding you need to tackle the bigger slopes. Even if you're already a pro, you can probably pick up some fun tricks from your instructor to try out and recap the knowledge that may have been hibernating for the last few years.

Wear Sun Protection

It is a common misconception that one cannot get sunburnt while it is cold. However, UV rays can be just as damaging on the slopes as on the beach. Make sure you apply sunscreen every 2-3 hours, and check out this article written by the Skin Cancer Foundation if you would like to read more about preventing sun damage.

Other Quick Tips

  • Stretch your muscles
  • Drink plenty of water
  • Know your limits
  • Be aware of weather conditions
  • Prearrange a rendezvous location with your buddies in case of separation

No matter your skill level, Foremost hopes that you have an enjoyable and safe ride on the slopes this winter!

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