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7 things you need in a tackle box

Fishing on a boat on a serene lake.

There are few better things to do in the summer than being on open water and fishing with friends. Before you head out to your favorite spot to reel 'em in this season, make sure you have a well-supplied tackle box. Here's our list of seven tackle box essentials.

  1. Extra line

    Breaking your line is never fun. Whether it got caught in a mess of flotsam or bitten off by the one that got away, it's almost certain that your line will break eventually. Whatever you're fishing for, make sure you have an extra spool of line for that kind of fish. It's also a good idea to grab some heavier line if you're out on rough waters to reduce the chances of your line snapping.
  2. Sinkers

    Line, hook and worm aren't heavy enough to hit a fish's line of sight. Be sure to have a variety of sinkers to attach to your line to compensate. Keep in mind, the less current, the less weight you need.
  3. Extra hooks

    If your tackle box that has an assortment of extra hooks, you'll be prepared for a variety of different fish. If you're newer to fishing, don't be overwhelmed with the array of styles, colors and shapes! The Extra Wide Gap and Worm Hook are two styles that are easy to work with and make for great general purpose hooks.
  4. Bobbers

    Not all bobbers are made equal! Make sure your bobbers are properly sized and weighted for the type of fish you want to catch. An adjustable fixed bobber like a tapered stick bobber will offer little resistance when a fish bites.
  5. Needle Nose Pliers

    A pair of trusty pliers are great for when a fish has swallowed a hook whole and you need to get it out. This tool is also useful for clamping down weight to your line.
  6. Bait

    This one is a no-brainer, but yet still manages to trip people up. Just like your bobbers, hooks, sinkers and line, your bait needs to match the type of fish you want to catch. Whether you're using live bait or plastic, make sure you have enough to last you a full fishing trip!
  7. Sunscreen

    Even if your trip doesn't call for sunny skies, we recommend wearing sunscreen! The Skin Cancer Foundation says that almost half of the sun's UV rays still hit the Earth on a completely cloudy day. You might forget to put your sunscreen on at home, but if you keep it tucked in your tackle box, it'll serve as a reminder to apply right away.

These seven basics won't guarantee you fish for days, but they should help make your next fishing excursion less stressful!

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